Design Philosophy

We believe in architecture which gets better with age, architecture with soul.
We avoid fashion statements and trends.
Our buildings are common sense in poetry,
Practical but also beautiful.
We treat nature like a building material.
The limewash concrete and natural stone, all age well to create stunning architecture that is timeless.

Studiomas 2
Sean Mahoney
“We believe in architecture which gets better with age.”


Our design is inspired by the natural landscape. The contours, views, orientation.

Site 12

We want you to look at the house and feel like it grew from the site, embedded in the landscape.

We use creepers and pergolas as a building material. 

We change with seasons,

They bring the building to life. 

An outdoor living space nestles for entertaining.

It is the heart of the home.

Site 17

We want you to discover the site in its natural state.

A double volume outdoor room celebrates the natural fall of the site.

The landscaped side is auditorium-like, and perfect for an outdoor movie theatre.

You can look through the house with glass sliders, giving the home a heightened sense of space and scale.


Design Philosophy

Our designs create a dialogue between the man-made and nature.

It’s about making the landscape accessible in our lifestyles.

Our designs are centred around 3 things, the I, there here and the now. The ‘I’ speaks to the person’s beliefs, social values, the lifestyle, the family values, and the social needs. The ‘here’ speaks to the place, the landscape, the force, the poetics. The ‘now’ speaks to the contemporary South African living and culture.

Metropolis Team
Jonathan Jacobson
“The boundaries between inside and outside are completely blurred.”


The structure has been beautifully blended into the landscape. It folds into the site and terraces with the slope. It is arranged around a courtyard facing north, maximising the natural light.
The boundaries between inside and outside are completely blurred. It is tactile, earthy and natural, with islands of wood. Our interior is simple, you can’t help but look through to the views.

Metropolis Inspiration

Design Philosophy

Our designs are contemporary, architecture that is refined and elegant.

It’s about the location, the key views, the landscape.

It’s about the details, where the sun rises and sets.

It’s about the poetic elegance.

Arrcc 2
Stefan Antoni
“It’s about elegance, the pure aesthetic. ”


We want you to experience a home that is simple and sophisticated.

A blank canvas for your personal touches. 

The materials are robust and simple.

Concrete, stone, bagged brick and glass for light and transparency. 

The back garden, pool and entertainment are on the same level, perfectly linking indoor and outdoor living.


Design Philosophy

When it comes to our designs, we are passionate about our craft. We try to solve the puzzle that is the site.

Does it merge with the landscape?

Who’s going to live there?

Our designs then complement the natural and the inhabitants, because we believe in architecture that’s simple, sustainable, and timeless.

Coa 2
Ian Gray
“We believe in architecture that’s simple, sustainable, and timeless. We are passionate about our craft.”


Site 15:

We want you to experience the site's natural beauty. 

The panoramic views of the mountain, ocean and the abundant natural light.

Our design maximises the site's stunning features, and allows the sun to radiate into almost every room in winter. 

The high clerestory windows, the natural stonework, and large overhangs merge to create architecture that is world-class and luxurious.  

Site 19:

We want to create a home orientated around outdoor living.

Our design blends the home into the surrounding greenbelt, landscaped with natural fynbos.

We use natural materials to create a contrast between the stonework, the high tech steel, glass and concrete.

It raises the living spaces above the height of the natural vegetation. We also want to create a private haven, so a protected courtyard rests on the north side of the site.


Design Philosophy

Our designs consider the natural surroundings and views.

The living spaces are at the heart of the home, and we merge the indoor and outdoor wherever possible.

Materials are kept natural and honest.

Spatial volumes are high and open, while creating intimacy and homely areas within the house.

Fabian 2
Dennis Fabian
“The living spaces are at the heart of the home. It is a celebration of the living spaces.”


We recognise the special relationship between the building and nature.

With the placement of this home on one side, and the forest and greenbelt on the other, our design is a celebration of this relationship.   

It is a celebration of the living spaces, a retreat for the home.

The glass and outside terraces work well to maximise the magnificent views and northern light.

We want to make the most of the site’s natural beauty and views.

The gym, hiking and horse riding trails are easily accessible, and seamlessly incorporates into the landscape.


Design Philosophy

Our buildings are always inspired by their surroundings.

The slope, the shape, where the sun rises and sets.

We try to be unobtrusive, as if the house grew from the site.

Not only is it natural but rational too, a celebration of the living and landscape.

Gapp 2
Sally Tsiliyiannis
“Our design recreates the forest. Open, but not exposed. We want you to experience the site as it was before.”


We want you to experience the site as it was before, the slope, the mountain, the greenbelt, the nostalgia of the trees.

Our structure recreates the forest.

The protective courtyard, the private living spaces.

You can see the human hand, but it’s very minimal.

It’s open, but not exposed.

We use many raw, rough textures, natural stone cladding, rough brickwork.

We embrace the imperfections.

We embrace nature for what it is.